A N A M N E S I A : a loss of forgetfulness

a TeachingMachine production
in association with the Institute for Cinema Studies
presented by Brainfeeder

director/animator: David Wexler ( Strangeloop )
assistant director: Micah Nelson
producer: Jake Bloch
executive producer: Wai Trask

story by: Strangeloop and Darryl Cobb
*with a special acknowledgement to Leigh J. McCloskey

string compositions and arrangements: Gavin Gamboa & Jake Bloch
sound design: MonoPoly, Strangeloop, and ParticleKid

character designer: Micah Nelson
character modeling: Steve Teeple
eye photography: Theo Jemison and Grace Oh
eye modeling: Christy Smith and Micah Nelson

mocap engineering: John King
additional 3d modeling: Jessica Savio

special thanks to: the Wexler family, the Nelson family, the Bloch family, the Peralta family,
the McCloskey family, Adam Stover, Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus, Jessica Savio, Ian Simon,
Wylie Cable, the Creators Project, the Kickstarter community. Everyone who has supported
the work, we thank you infinitely.