Awe — The Spirituality of Science

a Jake Bloch film
featuring USC Dean of Religious Life (and former Buddhist Monk), Dr. Varun Soni &
USC Professor of Physics and Mathematics (and CERN Fellow), Dr. Nick Warner

Visuals by: Strangeloop and Ben Olsen
Cymatics by: PårticleKid

Co Producer: John Ma
Executive Producer: Lisa Bitel
Additional animation: Tizu Tarumyan (on behalf of Dirty Robber)
Cinematography by: George Preciado and Rob Edgecomb
Gaffing: Rob Edgecomb and Adolfo Nowak
Live Audio Capture: Paul Gonzales
Additional Videography and BTS: Alanna Hanson
Makeup: Darnell Anthony
Key Grip: Nick Valerio
Jib Tech: Joe Wilbur

Orchestration: Saad Haddad
Charango and Voice Efx: ParticleKid
Sound Design and Mixing: Jake Bloch

Animation Supervisor (Dirty Robber): Martin Roe
Project Manager (Dirty Robber): Heidi Spencer
Compositor (Dirty Robber): Michael Kedor
Image Matting: Maria Sequiera
Color Correction and Compositing: Jake Bloch
Storyboard Artist: Josh Zingerman
Narrative Consultant: Jane Iwamura
Post Production Consultant: Richie Gordon