Chronopolis Re-Score

Performed at Vidiots Santa Monica, California
18 January 2016

Chronopolis (1983) directed by Piotr Kamler
Re-scored by Strangeloop and Gavin Gamboa

Photographed by Theo Jemison

Produced by Vidiots in association with
The Institute for Cinema Studies and The Teaching Machine

Polish animator and filmmaker Piotr Kamler’s 1983 groundbreaking work Chronopolis offers a rich expanse for sonic recontextualizations through its phantasmagorical landscapes and futuristic leanings. In homage to this early work of visionary cinema, composers and visual artists Strangeloop and Gavin Gamboa (founders and members of the art collective The Teaching Machine) take to recreating a sound world fit for its dizzying hyperreality.

The Teaching Machine


Gavin Gamboa

The Institute for Cinema Studies

Theo Jemison