The One Who Knows

the one who knows
Giacomo Piazzi & Ben Olsen


The movement of a number within a question:
“the softest substance is carried in the hardest.”
Though opaque in its machinery,
the Oracle speaks and offers itself as sacral.
Approach and ask!
“Who are you?” it responds.


When we don’t know, we ask one who does. But what if there are millions of answers to a question?
Abandoning direct causality as an axiom, The One Who Knows addresses the subjective condition of a questioner directly, and helps erode the psychic repression at the hands of authority by moving the spiritual agency back into the hands of the user. It uses a combination of Google Web Search with the ancient Chinese divination text, the I-Ching, to create a unique result; the meaning of which is up to only the questioner to discern.