Anamnesia Soundtrack


‘Anamnesia: A Loss Of Forgetfulness’ is an archetypal sci-fi myth directed by Strangeloop. As reality comes apart at the seams, Anåm, mysteriously unaffected by his civilization’s schizophrenic break, journeys into the vast, unmapped territories and technologies of his world.

The Anamnesia Soundtrack contains a mixture of pieces created for both the film and its online interactive component, compiling all musical elements into a single coherence, which aims to reflect the many facets of the mythological landscape enveloping Anamnesia as well as to present the differing musical approaches to these facets.

Released: 23 May 2013
Produced by: Teaching Machine
String arrangements recorded by: Travis Warner
Additional mixing: Ali Helnwein & David Wexler

Special Thanks:
the Wexler family, the Nelson family, the Bloch family, the Peralta family, the McCloskey family, Adam Stover, Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus, Jessica Savio, Ian Simon, Wylie Cable, the Creators Project, Ali Helnwein, Travis Warner, Cassidy Turbin, Jason Turbin, the Kickstarter community. Everyone who has supported the work, we thank you infinitely.